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with over 500 posts a day, positive posts of people's lives being changed. i've had the best-selling real estate books in america for over five years now, so this is what i do and now is the time. and if i have to select certain cities throughout the country and get this message in people's hands, that's what i'll do. >> you're telling me that even with all the ups and downs, all the books you've written, the training you do, you still are actively investing in real estate yourself and have been for all these years. >> yeah, i mean, here's the thing: there's a lot, there could be some really amazing books out there and so-called gurus out there, but one thing that i'll share is you gotta be careful about the so-called guru that did a couple deals in the late '80s or '90s, then created some program and has been selling the same program for 15 years or 10 years or trying to force you into the "theory" of real estate. i don't teach the theory of real estate. i stay sharp and in tune. this is what i do. when i say i bought over 300 properties in the last few months, that wasn't a big condomin
:30 a.m. on pix 5. new proposal to change gun shows in one bay area community. mark leno is joining us live in studio next. >>> and we take a look at the homeless situation. challenges faced by people forced out of their tent cities. >>> this is ugly. >> fists flying on the baseball diamond. the baseball brawl that went beyond the traditional heckling. >>> and in the weather department, we've got a beautiful start to your sunday morning and a pretty nice week ahead. we'll have the forecast for you after the break. mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. if you like shrimp then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp seasoned just right and ser
change the skin. it obviously does more than just lift the brows. it can lift your jaw line and your jowls, plump up your cheeks, smooth deep creases around your nose and mouth. >> our microcurrent+ facial toning system is safe, it's gentle, it's effective. it can work for everyone, men or women. i keep mine right next to the bed and i either do it at night while watching the news or sometimes i'd do it first thing in morning to start my day with a great lift. it sort of wakes up the face. so morning, night, anytime. just use it or you lose it. now, i understand we have a caller on the line. hi, what's your name? >> my name's jane. >> mindy and cecilia: hello, jane. >> now we understand you have a microcurrent+, is that right? >> oh yes, and i just love the machine. i tell you, i look forward to every day when i use it. >> good and so, has anyone noticed yet that you've done something different? >> well, first of all, the most important person and that would be my husband, so yes, he has noticed it. and then recently i was on skype with my kids and my daughter-in-law was nudging my s
changed. as a result they red tagged three homes. the 61-year-old water pipe gave way wednesday morning causing flood of damage. the cause of the break is still under investigation. >>> and state tax payers are picking up the tab in california pension manager fund to hawaii. >> a lot of eyebrows being raised, the same people overseeing pension innings basically going broke. >> reporter: who would not want to come here? not the hundreds of people nationwide that helped manage public pension plans. the annual conference in may happen to be at the hilton hawaii village resor, and all- paid trip to sun, surf and sand to talk shop. the estimated cost, up to $3,000 a person. >> someone need to go. if you pay deuce why would you belong to an organization and not go? >> reporter: man is an employee of the retirement association. despite the trouble, government pension plans have suffered in the struggling economy, yet they see nothing wrong with a trip to high paid for by pension plans. >> it happen to be in waii and people make a big deal. i understand, it is a very nice place. i just --
in the bay area. a new proposal to change gun shows in one bay area community. our conversation with state senator mark leno next. >> and a closer look at a homeless situation in the south bay and the challenges faced by people forced out of their tent city. >> this is ugly. this is ugly! oh, my goodness. >> and fists flying on the baseball diamond. the ball game brawl with any traditional haggling. >> and as we have mostly sunny skies to start the day out, nice warm week ahead. the toner -- entire forecast after we look at some early going chilly temperatures. the forecast after the break. ,,,, >> as we look at the bay bridge, first opened on november 12th, 1936. the sunrise at 7:28. tonight, sunset, 7:13 p.m. ,,,,,,,, canada was leading mexico ne to three in the ninth inning when a canadian player dropd down a bun . >> yikes. a brawl broke out during the world baseball classic. canada was leading mexico and dropped down the bunt. the mexican pitcher was offended by the play as he drove another canadian batter in the inning and you see the results of that. the police officers had to resto
for sergeant loren baker and officer elizabeth butler. that is a change of venue. it's being moved to san jose. they wanted a larger venue. it happened tuesday as they tried to interview a sexual suspect and two days later they discovered a touching memorial. someone had pinned that military purple heart medal on to a teddy bear. an anonymous note explained the bear reflects the community's love for the police and the medal represents sacrifice beyond and above the call of duty. the police chief says the meaning of the medal is deeply understood by the department and will be stored in a safe place. >>> santa clara county held its largest cash funded gun buyback in its history this weekend. $150,000 in cash was handed out in exchange for firearms. each hand gun, shotgun and rifle was worth $200. each assault weapon $200 as well. either way the goal is to get the guns off the streets. from the bay area to around the nation-- >> what if i'm connected to something. it's anonymous. we encourage those that wish to turn in a weapon will do so. >> from the ba
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6